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A One-Man Mission to Beautify Napa’s Old Town

Joe Brasil inside his most recent project. Image by Lisa James of the Napa Valley Register.   Realtor Joe Brasil describes the newly-restored c. 1868 cottage at 523 Brown Street, in Old Town Napa Valley, as his “beauty.” I’m sure that most realtors feel a certain pride in their listings, but if you spend more than two minutes with Joe, you’ll see that he takes that pride to an entirely unmatched level.   Here’s the thing: There are people who sell houses, and there are people who give back to the world by loving, nurturing and bettering them. I wouldn’t feature just any old realtor on CIRCA (my standards are WAY too high for that!), but Joe is not your average realtor. Unless, of course, by “average” you mean the type that falls in love with his

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Robert Searcy: A Houston Realtor with an Eye for Swank

Images of the Glenbrook Valley neighborhood in Houston, courtesy GlenbrookValley.org. Doing what I do, I get to know a LOT of realtors, and let me tell you: very few out there are like Robert Searcy. It was through Robert that I first became aware of Glenbrook Valley, a near-perfectly preserved example of 1950s/60s Americana that recently became Houston’s first mid-century historic district and was named one of This Old House‘s Top Old House Neighborhoods for 2013. Today, Robert’s name is practically synonymous with Glenbrook Valley, but that’s what happens when you create an entire website devoted to the history of a place.   I just LOVE to see realtors take a hands-on role in the preservation of their neighborhoods! Seriously, why can’t every one be this amazing? Read on for more on

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CIRCA Loves Real Estate Agent: Gayle Harvey!

Postcard courtesy of Shook Photos. Seriously, how cool is realtor Gayle Harvey? She grew up on an apple & beef operation and — get this — had her own beef & cattle herd before she was out of high school. Now THIS is a woman I want to sell me a farm! Fortunately for those looking, Gayle has her own real estate brokerage in Charlotteville, Virginia, where she eats, sleeps and breathes historic houses, farms and estates. Gayle sat down with me to tell me all about Virginia’s “buyer beware” laws, her experience with homes dating back to the 1600s, and why she’s the become the unlikely expert on goats that guard

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Realtor Spotlight: Julianne McCarthy

The brisk fall months always have me dreaming of apple picking, hayrides, and walking through the rustling leaves sipping hot, mulled cider. And where better to partake in such things than in the rolling hills of Vermont? Someday I’ll buy that beautiful old farmhouse and spend my days dreaming away on my sprawling front porch. When that day comes, I’m going to call Julianne McCarthy. She’s CIRCA Houses’ go-to for historic real estate around the lovely town of Poultney, where she lives and

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Realtor Spotlight: Lisa Hassler

Any real estate agent can talk up the merits of an old house, but how many really practice what they preach? When we learned that Cape Cod realtor Lisa Hassler lives in a 186-year-old house built for sandwich glass factory workers, we knew she would be the perfect subject to kick-off our Realtor Spotlight series. With a degree in interior design, a killer blogging style and first-hand knowledge of how to care for historic properties, Lisa’s the whole kit-and-kaboodle. If we were selling an historic house in or around Cape Cod, you can bet she’d be our first

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