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What Sounds Does a Staircase Make?

Swoooop! That’s the sound of an elegant staircase as it curves and climbs upwards to the next story! Richmond, Virginia’s, historic Fan District is packed to the brim with stunning, stately old houses with beautifully preserved details — and this latest is no exception to the rule!

Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson Called this 18th-Century New York State Property “Home”

Known as “The Horse Whisperer” house from it’s “starring role” in the Redford-directed film! This incredible historic house has been lovingly preserved and is ready for the next steward to take up residence in the hamlet of Battenville, NY! See how shared and celebrated this noteworthy home.

The Sweetest Mint-Green Vintage Kitchen

With bright-as-sunshine yellow countertops, this vintage kitchen is the sweetest, softest green you’ll see all day! And the scallop detail around the ceiling?! Cuteness overload. Enjoy, old house friends!

What Old House Style Features Half-Timbering?

Tudor Revival has every day feeling like you’re in the English countryside!⁠

This Might Be the Cheapest House in Ohio, at Just $15,000!

With such a low list price, you’ll have plenty of savings left over to plan a thoughtful, creative and exciting restoration so that this foursquare can shine once more!

Goodbye, New York City! Moving with Piece of Cake Moving

Who do you trust when it’s Moving Day and all of your life is crammed into a few dozen boxes? Cristiana trusted Piece of Cake Moving, and had the best experience. See pictures from the move, and watch her highlight Reel!

What color are the happiest old houses?

Our money’s on YELLOW! Bright as sunshine, happy as a daisy, there’s just something so fabulously cheery about a yellow old house — we dare say they’re the happiest of them all!

Can You Guess the Most-Searched State for Old Houses?

The bustle of Boston, the calm of the cape, the beauty of the Berkshires … have you guessed yet? Gambrel roofs and wide-plank floor await!

10 Towns Every Lover of Old Houses Needs to Visit, via

From the Midwest to the West Coast, CIRCA chatted with about towns with history so rich and architecture so stunning, they’re must-visit for anyone who loves old houses. Have you visited them already?

Love Pink? You’ll Be Head Over Heels for this Sandstone Stunner!

Somewhere in the world, Molly Ringwald’s ears must be burning because this old house is the epitome of pretty in PINK! This warm sandstone and delicate shingle combo is making our hearts go all aflutter. It’s like a dollhouse … but you get to live in it yourself!

Visit this Jawdropping $27 Million Estate with Carson Kressley

Come along on a road trip to Virginia horse country where Team CIRCA met up with the always-fabulous Carson Kressley — an avid old house lover and collector of equestrian antiques! — to tour the stunning Llangollen estate. The definition of a jawdropper!

Leo Season Edit: 10 Old Houses for Fierce Fire Signs, by @mustlovehistory

Innately creative, unconventional, decisive, a leader — sound like anyone you know? They’re probably a Leo! As the season of this fire sign winds down, enjoy a special curation of houses that speak to the core characteristics of the fierce Leo.

Fan-favorite “I BRAKE FOR OLD HOUSES” Bumper Sticker Back in Stock!

Our fan-favorite bumper sticker gives everyone on the road fair warning: you’ve been known to stop on a dime when it comes to old houses! See something just calling out for some sandpaper and TLC? Hit the brakes! Visit now to shop.

New York’s Finger Lakes Dream House

Whether you’re motivated by the promise of “wine country” or the breathtaking landscape, New York State’s Finger Lakes region is a dreamland. And we’ve found just the right old house for you to set up camp!

The Cheapest Old House You’ll See All Week is Just $29,900!

Rub your eyes, double-take, do whatever you need to do — that price isn’t going to change! No typo, old house friends, this bright white old house in Titusville, PA, is *truly* on the market for just $29,900! Found by our sister site @cheapoldhouses.

Frank Lloyd Wright (what more does an old house and design lover need to know?!)

A Usonian House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is a design and history lover’s dream. And for someone, that dream is about to become a reality in Atherton, California!

Throw a Party in this Beautiful Barn (that comes with a dreamy Greek Revival house)

For all of us who see an old barn and think, “oooh, I’d throw such great parties there!”⁠ Or make a home for your your studio, where you can design, build, craft, write, reflect, paint, sculpt, restore … truly, whatever your hobby or passion, you’ll thrive here!

Living with the Past: Talking Old Houses and Antiques in the Hudson Valley

CIRCA’s Cristiana Peña ventured up to New York’s Hudson Valley to moderate a thoughtful conversation among friends, new and old, on our shared passion for old houses and antique objects. Discovering and sharing all the stories behind the objects that fill our homes is a favorite pastime of ours — and surely yours, too!

Mansard-Topped Dream House with Jawdropping Window Moldings

Why do we love French Second Empire style architecture and old houses? It’s the mansard roof! This beautiful feature makes any house of this style immediately identifiable. And in this example, the moldings and mantels are just icing on the already-beautiful old house cake!

“Greatest House in the World” or “Money Pit”?

Two new vintage hotel-style keychains have landed at! Buy them for yourself or as a gift for a fellow old house lover in your life.



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featured favorites and more !