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Architectural Photography

Ready to put your old house on the market? You need a photographer with a special eye to capture the details and angles that will show off your home’s unique character, and entice prospective buyers. Or perhaps you’re find just where you are and you want to celebrate the completion of a restoration project with pro photos — here are the folks you need to know!

Barry Schwartz Photography

As featured by the National Trust For Historic Preservation, and in The New York Times!

Napa, CA

Daniel Stabler

Photography, videography and drone services to capture the places we love and live.

Atlanta, GA

Dave Clough Photography

Architectural Photographer specializing in historic homes

Illumine Photographic Services

An eye and a *passion* for all things historic, long-loved and well-worn!

East Tennessee

James Hogarty

Architecture photographer capturing the built environment , Gilded Age estates, old homes, local points of interest, and more.

New York

Rayon Richards Photography

On the coveted Architectural Digest list of “50 Approved Interior Design Photographers!”

Brooklyn, NY

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