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If You Don’t Buy This $44,960 House, I Will!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   Much as I love what I do for a living, it can sometimes wreck havoc on my life. BECAUSE I WANT ALL THE HOUSES. Can you blame me!? LOOK AT THIS ONE. It’s $44,960. It hurts. I want it. The little fan on the front landing! The staircase! The built-ins! The pocket doors! EVERYTHING!!!! Seriously, just look at the

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This is the $90,000 House You Need in Your Life.

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   As you all know, I cannot get enough of cheap, beautiful old houses (I have an entire Instagram feed devoted to them.) This morning I happenstanced upon this Gothic Revival beauty and nearly fell on the floor. I WANT IT!!! Just look at the window in the upstairs

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The Interior of This Pittsburgh Fixer-Upper is Blowing My Mind

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   When you do what you love for a living, and make it as public as I have made CIRCA, a funny thing happens: People start “thinking” of you a lot. Or, at least, they say they do. For me, this usually comes in the form of “I thought of you yesterday because I drove by a crazy looking salvage dump and you would have loved it,” or “Have you seen so-and-so’s house yet? You should become friends with her just to see her staircase! Thought of you as soon as I stepped inside!” or “You saw that amazing house that was just listed in XXX town, right? It totally made me think of you!” I really should just wear a shirt that says “Skip the Niceties, Let’s Just Cut Straight to the House

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This Idaho Mountain Home is One of the Coolest Places I’ve Ever Laid Eyes On

by Elizabeth Finkelstein My husband and I just returned from a week-long vacation in our friends’ DROP-DEAD STUNNING Ozarks rental home, so of course we’ve been dreaming ever since of buying our own historic vacation home somewhere lovely and remote, tucked away in the mountains. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted this Idaho property for sale, which is dripping with old-world beauty and is on nearly 10 wooded acres overlooking Lake Pend Oreille. And of course, it’s a fixer-upper, which makes me love it even more! The price? The location? The stained glass? The listing makes some claims about its history that I can’t substantiate, but nonetheless, this is a

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Please Buy This $49,500 New York House!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   Thank you Craig for sending along this incredible home for sale in Elmira, New York, that has my jaw on the floor. THE POTENTIAL! I love the plasterwork on the ceiling, the stunning mantels, the CHANDELIERS and the stained glass. Someone please save this beauty! Psst… love cheap, beautiful old houses? Follow our Instagram feed @cheapoldhouses where we feature gorgeous historical homes for sale for under

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A Whole Bunch of Amazing Fixer-Uppers North of New York City

by Elizabeth Finkelstein (Image courtesy of Northern Dutchess Realty Inc.) It’s almost embarrassing to admit how much time I spend looking at fixer-uppers for sale. Ethan (my husband) and I do nothing but dream about landing a big, old farmhouse rife with peeling wallpaper and sited on a hill somewhere up the Hudson River, where we’d live out the rest of our days surrounded by multiple sets of pocket doors and ornate plasterwork from a bygone era. IT’S GONNA HAPPEN, JUST YOU WAIT.   You can imagine my excitement when my friend Christina Poletto (whom I met when she reached out to me to write a piece about CIRCA for Today.com) asked me to collaborate with her on a series of pieces for local publications focused on fixer-uppers for sale north of New York City, which you

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My Dream Fixer-Upper is in Stony Point, New York

by Elizabeth Finkelstein My amazing friend Ariana, who also happens to be an incredible photographer with a discerning eye for beautiful things, sent me the link to this fixer-upper in Stony Point, NY. It’s Meet Me in St. Louis meets It’s a Wonderful Life and has a storied history as home to some pretty big stars of the creative industry. I can never pass up a good mansard roof, so thought I’d take the time to share this phenomenal home. Oh, and hey, while we’re on the topic — YOU SHOULD BUY

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This Is The Most Amazing Fixer-Upper I Have Ever Laid Eyes On

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   Old house fan mail is always lovely to get, but what I truly enjoy is when someone spots a gorgeous historical home for WAY LESS MONEY THAN IT’S ACTUALLY WORTH and drops it into my inbox. Thank you, Leona, for sharing this TO DIE FOR brick mansion in Polo, Illinois that is a virtual museum of Victorian-era architectural splendor. And thank you to Heartland Realty II for allowing us to peek

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There’s an Empty Mansion for Sale on 410 Acres, and You Should Buy It

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   I’m not kidding. Homes like this come around but once in a lifetime, and I’m about this close to quitting my life, packing my bags and heading on down to Milford, VA, where this spectacular estate is waiting for me. Spring Grove, as it’s dubbed, is an Italianate gem sitting on 410 acres—and it just needs a bit of TLC to bring it back to its former beauty. Enjoy these exceptional photos by Adam Wayland Photography, courtesy of Frank Hardy Sotheby’s International Realty, showing it in all of its faded glory. By the way, if you’d like more information on this home, I wrote a more in-depth piece about it for Country Living Magazine,

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