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What Old House Lovers Really Want for Christmas

by Candice Whitlow Well, we are officially into the holiday season. Weather is cooler, homes are starting to be adorned with lights and garlands, and retail stores are getting busier.   My household typically does it’s shopping at the last minute, but this year we’re actually ahead of the game. Jake and I have been discussing ideas on what to get the other, and while he loves our old house, guitars and amps would be at the top of his list. I on the other hand have asked for some unconventional gifts through the years that are, really, gifts for our house. For example, one year I asked for some drawer pulls for my antique dining room buffet. To some, that would be the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas, but if you’re like me, and you

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Download Our Brand New Mobile App!

Hey, old house lovers! Ever wish you could make your commute go by more quickly by swiping through photos upon photos of gorgeous old homes for sale? You’re in luck—We now have a smartphone app!!! It’s the first mobile app crafted specifically for old house enthusiasts searching for their perfect home (and those who just like to ogle crown molding). This is just the start—We’ll be adding zillions more features in the months to come. In the meantime, head on over to the iTunes store to download it. Happy

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Love Fixer-Uppers? Follow Our Newest Instagram Feed!

I don’t know exactly WHAT draws me to sad & lonely old houses just crying out for TLC. But whatever it is, I’m perfectly fine with it. I spend hours every day ogling cheap older homes that have some degree of detail left inside, whether it be a dusty mantel, original wood floors hidden under wall-to-wall carpeting, or original plasterwork behind a drop ceiling. In fact, I’m so obsessed with cheap old houses that I’ve started an Instagram feed devoted entirely to diamonds in the rough. Make sure to follow @cheapoldhouses to get your fixer-upper

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Why Everyone Should Raise a Family in an Old House

by Candice Whitlow This past year has been a whirlwind of changes in my life. Eight months ago my husband and I brought another little, old house lover into the world, with the birth of our first child. Of course anyone who has ever had a baby knows that it entails a flood of visitors, and with those visitors come questions. We heard all of the usual questions that any new parent would hear from curious friends and family. However, a question from a friend really caught me off guard when they asked “Do you guys think that you’ll eventually move out of your old house into something more low maintenance, now that you’re starting a family?” At first I did what any new parent does on the regular—I questioned my judgement. Should we stay

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Breaking News: Introducing CIRCA’s Pop-Up Shop!

I am simply thrilled to announce the launch today of CIRCA’s bi-monthly, curated, antiques pop-up shop! Every two months, we’ll be hand-picking gorgeous vintage finds for your home based around a fun, old house-inspired theme. Explore the shop HERE, and remember to snatch the items up quickly–everything is one-of-a-kind, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!   April’s theme is “Vintage Greenhouse.” Now really, could you think of a better way to spend that tax

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Newsflash: Young People Love Old Houses

photo courtesy of Movement Mortgage “I think millennials are definitely interested in being their own people, in being individuals and carving their own path. Your home is the ultimate expression of that.”   Recently, the National Association of Realtors released data proving what I’ve suspected for a long time: the younger the buyer, the older the house they are buying. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Nothing speaks to a millennial more than something totally one-of-a-kind!   I was thrilled to be quoted in a fantastic piece by Movement Mortgage analyzing this trend.

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The Best Fall 2015 Historic House Tours

By Rhonda Montague. Photo by Michael Paine Photography. Still waiting to find your dream house? No problem! You can live vicariously through other people’s amazing old houses by venturing out on an old house tour this fall. Check out our round-up below! Know of a house tour that’s not on this list? Let us know by commenting below, or emailing letters (at) circaoldhouses (dot) com so we can add it to the

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Portlandia: Old House Edition!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Portlandia sums up my entire existence in this hilarious episode that takes on fixer-uppers, Escrow, open houses and the tiny house movement all in one! Best line? “I want something that makes me scared when I look at it.”

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