One-Room Journey

How to restore a fairytale cottage (right out of Lord of the Rings!)!

In a mystical realm called Wisconsin 😉 stands @elvencottage, a c. 1926 cottage straight from your favorite childhood fairy tale (or adulthood fantasy novel). It’s been nearly a year since West and Alexis purchased this fantastical old house (their old house-iversary is coming in December!) and in that time they’ve painstakingly and carefully restored windows one by one ... and that’s just the...

You’ll be speechless when you see this church-turned-home!

The hashtag #LookUp was surely coined with All Saints House in mind! Follow homeowners and restorers Anastasiia and Gunther through the arched doorway and into this converted chapel. The soaring ceiling is impossible to ignore (ok by us!), and the Great Room is filled with stories — some anchored by objects and others as memories that Gunther and Anastasiia generously share with us as they guide us on...

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