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I grew up in a Greek Revival home in upstate New York that my parents poured decades of love into restoring. The photo above is my mom standing in front of the house when she and my dad first purchased it over 30 years ago. This photo inspired CIRCA Houses, and it’s now inspiring our new social media series for Throwback Thursday!
All are invited to join in the fun! Send us your back-in-the-day old house photos, along with a little note about where the pic was taken, and we’ll add it to our cache to be featured on our Facebook page and our Instagram feeds. That pic of you on the front steps of your parents old house on the first day of 2nd grade? Send it in! That campy lake house you vacationed in during your childhood? Yes! Family vacation photos from 1980 with an adorably historic Main Street in the background? Love it!
Please send all photos to [email protected]

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