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You Can Buy Skeeter’s House from the Movie The Help!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   One of my favorite movies of all time (at least for the sixties-era decor eye candy) is The Help. So I was thrilled when Pam Powers of Powers Properties tossed this beautiful home our way—it served as the setting for the interior shots of Skeeter’s parents’ house in the

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The Amityville Horror House is for Sale

If you have $850,000 and aren’t afraid of the dark, consider this listing in Amityville, New York, the scene of the infamous murders of six family members in 1974 that inspired the book The Amityville Horror and several movies over the following decades. I’ll admit I have mixed feelings about posting this one; alleged hauntings aside, I’ve always loved the style of this home and think it’s one of the most beautiful of any to appear on the big screen. Mention of the home’s past is suspiciously absent from the description in the real estate listing, which leads me to believe the owners (and their neighbors) would rather forget it ever happened. Still, it’s a beauty—I just wish we could see the

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You Can Own Holly Golightly’s Townhouse in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

by Caroline Stephenson Bouckaert (photo courtesy of Polaroid Cupcake) Summer is a time for catching up on the classics and what better summer classic is there than Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Being a New Yorker, I love movies set in the City so I can play I Spy with the particular set locations. During this particular viewing, I took keen interest in Holly Golightly’s NYC apartment (remember the clawfoot tub-turned loveseat?) and decided to do a little research. Today, CIRCA brings you all the facts about a landmark to add to your must-see list. And if you’re truly a fan, you can buy it for

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