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10 HOUSES UNDER $50,000: March 2014 EDITION: Part 2

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Ohio! You’re killing it this week with the beautiful houses. Not only did we get two lovely and inexpensive CIRCA listings from Ohio this week (see HERE and HERE), but three of today’s 10 beautiful old houses for sale for under $50,000 hail from the Buckeye State. You might not escape the endless winter (really, isn’t this just endless?!?) in Ohio, but you will snag 14′ ceilings and crown molding for less than you paid for your car. I think that sounds about fair, don’t you?   Now, let’s sit back, relax and enjoy the potential!   var OB_platformType=3; var

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10 HOUSES UNDER $50,000: March 2014 Edition: Part 1

by Elizabeth Finkelstein I’m back from a two-week vacation in Southeast Asia, where the sun was hot, the food delicious, and the old houses to-die-for! (and cheap, if I may say!) I’m excited to start the Magazine up again this week, and to kick it off with my all-time favorite column. There are lots of big Victorians in today’s round-up of 10 houses under $50,000, so get ready for some serious swooning. And because I couldn’t decide on just ten, I threw in two bonus houses at the end. Enjoy! (…and as always, click the first photo of each house to be taken to the listing site.)   var OB_platformType=3; var

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10 Houses Under $50,000: February 2014 Edition: Part 2

by Elizabeth Finkelstein I know I say this every week, but I truly believe this round-up of 10 houses under $50,000 takes the cake. I found so many incredible houses this week that I thought of bumping it up to 15, or even 20. What’s going on?!? And more importantly, how have any of these spectacular homes been on the market for longer than a minute? I always have so much fun pulling this post together, and hope you enjoy today’s picks as much as I do! (P.S. Hey, Midwesterners and West Coasters: You need more representation here! Know of any cheap old houses for sale in your neck o’ the woods? Please send them my way: letters (at) circahouses (dot) com.)   var OB_platformType=3; var

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