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Old Lamps & Things

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Avon, CT
phone: (860) 655-6507
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For more than 26 years, Old Lamps & Things has been restoring and rewiring antique lighting fixtures for our website and for customers who need our services. Our inventory of restored vintage lighting is extensive. In addition to the restored antique lighting pieces that we’ve always offered, we’re offering something entirely new: unrestored antique lighting! These pieces are for the do-it-yourselfers or for our fellow antique lamp restorers out there who are looking for lighting in as-is condition. They come complete with dust and dirt, may need parts to complete them, and are in need of rewiring and/or repairs. We’ll do our best to identify any noticeable issues in our descriptions. After that, the restoration of these antique lights is in your hands! Now you have even more choices than you did before!

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