Herwig Lighting

Herwig Lighting

5940 HWY 64E
Pottsville, AR 72858
phone: (479) 968-2621
email: herwig (at) herwig (dot) com

At Herwig Lighting, we manufacture cast-aluminum reproductions focusing on ornamental antique & vintage style outdoor lighting fixtures. These reproductions include lanterns, brackets, pendants, street clocks, street signs, and park benches or your custom design. Our extensive product line covers time periods ranging from Victorian, Colonial, Traditional, Gothic, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco.
We specialize in designing and manufacturing with our in-plant, non-ferrous foundry to final machining and assembly. Our highly skilled craftsmen make all of our products by hand. Herwig Lighting would love to assist you in all of your lighting needs. Made in America since 1908.


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