7 Best Products and Practices for Cleaning Your Old House

The beginning of a new year brings the urge to clean house, both literally and figuratively. In an old house, you're dealing with delicate details and, often, some seriously vintage grime. So, it's good to tread lightly when digging in to a deep clean - you'll want the best products and gentle (yet thorough) techniques. We've compiled a few tried and true strategies and must-buys that will go a long way....

6 Books Old House Lovers Should Own

Whether you're dreaming about old houses, shopping for one, or in the midst of restoring yours to perfection right now, you'll benefit from adding these to your shelf. Old house lovers worth their weight in wavy glass should have an itty-bitty background in urban planning, an understanding of the domestic architectural styles surrounding them, and some sound advice on decor and styling a place to...

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