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My Perfect Little Money Pit is Worth Every Penny

by Shannon Lee When it was time for Chris Brandt to purchase a home, not just any house would do. It had to be a very special place, with architecture that wowed, an interesting history, and the potential to be a perfect time capsule home. He found exactly what he wanted with this gorgeous 1928 Master Model home in Rochester, NY. He and his long-time girlfriend, Kit, have poured heart and soul into restoring their Perfect Little Money Pit.   var OB_platformType=3; var

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The Cracker House Project: Saving History on the Missouri River

by Shannon Lee St. Joseph, Missouri is a quaint town nestled on the banks of the Missouri River. The town’s early claims to fame include being a gateway to the “Wild West,” the home of Jesse James and the starting point of the Pony Express. Today the beautiful downtown area is filled with buildings of historical significance, including a large brick Italianate known as the Cracker House.   var OB_platformType=3; var

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Meet the Amazing Couple Who Just Bought This Incredible Indiana Fixer-Upper

by Shannon Lee. Photos by Jane Daniels Photography. Joshua Targownik is ready to get out of town. Los Angeles, that is. His desire to restore a home to its original beauty has been eating at him for years, and his girlfriend has been itching to get back to Indiana. The result was the purchase of the Kirby-McMillion House, a home with stunning potential for these two do-it-yourselfers. Here’s how they intend to start bringing this 1861 beauty back to her original glory! var OB_platformType=3; var

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This Amazing Couple Bought Their Old Home for Only $25,000

by Shannon Lee To lovers of old homes and fixer-uppers, Sandra Brown and her husband Bert are living the dream. In 2015, they stumbled upon a beautiful foursquare in the tiny town of Sparta, Georgia. Built in 1900, she had fallen into disrepair, and was in desperate need of someone who would see the beauty in her original wood trim, windows and doors, as well as the stunning six (count ‘em, six!) fireplaces throughout the over 3,000 square foot space.   var OB_platformType=3; var

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15 Years and Counting: Restoring a Massive Victorian Home on Danville’s “Millionaire’s Row”

by Shannon Lee Some people spend their whole lives dreaming about buying and a renovating a big, old fixer-upper. Others actually take the plunge. Talking with Carla Minosh of The Danville Experience about her beautiful Victorian home is an utter delight. Her voice glows with warmth as the talks about the Sublett-Miller House, the home she and her husband purchased over 15 years ago in Danville, VA. Originally built in 1874 on “Millionaire’s Row,” the home offered a wealth of possibility, and was a promising challenge for the restoration-minded couple. They had recently completed work on their solid stone 1945 cape cod, and thought the Sublett-Miller house would be a “fun” new project.   Indeed, it was and is – almost sixteen years later, the restoration work is still going strong. Carla took time from her

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Our Favorite Historical Inns to Visit this Fall!

by Katy Mendenhall. Photo Courtesy of Boston Business Times How about a little fall vacation? Hoping in the car and driving to a quaint, historic inn for the weekend sounds perfect! I have researched and come up with some beautiful pieces of history that you can stay in today. After all, inns and B&Bs are a great alternative to the more expensive hotel chains. They offer a more personal experience and usually have compelling stories to share.   Here are 5 places I believe will inspire you, and hopefully even turn you onto staying in a historic inn during your travels!   var OB_platformType=3; var

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What the Rest of the Country Can Learn From Niagara Falls

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Not long ago, I received an email from Seth Piccirillo, the Community Development Director for the City of Niagara Falls, NY. Most of you probably know Niagara Falls for the falls themselves, and are less familiar with the historical city that lies beyond and is filled to the brim with late 19th and early 20th century vernacular architecture. Seth told me that his city was working “to do something new with old, vacant, city-owned but beautiful houses” — something to deter them from being “demolished, sold to a slum lord or left to rot.” (Seth, you’re a man of my own heart!) He went on to describe the city’s fantastic new home ownership auction, open to people willing to live in abandoned homes while renovating them. I’m sold!   As an old house lover

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