CIRCA’s Founders Have an Old House TV Show Coming!

CIRCA founders, Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein are bringing “Cheap Old Houses” to TV! Back-to-Back Episodes Premiering Monday, August 9th at 9pm and 9:30pm ET on HGTV & Discovery+.

It’s here! The show every old house lover has been waiting for since…forever!? This may be the best thing that 2021 brings us.

Shortly after the CIRCA Instagram account got its start, founders Elizabeth and Ethan created another account exclusively showcasing affordable old homes, @CheapOldHouses, and it quickly became the space for the *really* good ones, if you like old houses and a project – the ones that might look a little forgotten, but never flipped, where the fixtures are original but the prices are still alluringly low.

Fast forward a few years, and 1.6 million Cheap Old House lovers follow along. Real estate prices do not stop rising, rents continue to surge in big cities, too, and in a time when owning a home feels more like a dream to a lot of us it’s…fun? refreshing? inspiring? to browse houses that have unbelievable details and, for once, believable price tags.

It’s not all make-believe, though! Cheap Old Houses has turned into a full-on revolution. Followers reach out in droves to share houses that are fit for the grid. Tons are now writing to share that they’ve purchased their own old house, for REAL, and that they found it on the Cheap Old Houses feed. Homes that need a little (or, a lot) of work are losing their “money pit” taboo, and many are realizing that they’d rather hand over less money up front and fix up a place over time and at their discretion.

So many old house lovers have gathered around that, finally, a Cheap Old Houses TV show is here! Elizabeth and Ethan are exploring small towns and cities in search of the perfect old homes, and in each 30 minute episode they’ll visit a different location, 10 total. At the end of each episode, the’ll have to choose between two low-priced properties to see which one will get the final feature on the ‘gram. They’ll also use 3D animations to illustrate what original design details could look like after restoration (cool!) and showcase a “Saved Old House,” one that was previously featured on the feed and has since been transformed.

It’s going to be… my Superbowl. my Olympics. my Oscars. my Grammys. It’s going to be everything that is old house perfection, and it’s coming on at 9:00 pm, ET, August 9th on HGTV and Discovery+.





Alix is CIRCA’s Properties Manager and a writer for Country Living Magazine. She relishes working with homeowners and real estate agents to track down new stewards for homes with secrets to keep and stories to tell! She’s on a lifetime mission to visit every great flea market in the world and is probably going to need a bigger old house soon.



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