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Over at @CheapOldHouses, we share a steady stream of amazing old houses that are under $100K. The beauty-cost ratio of these babes makes it endlessly fun for browsing but also introduces the idea of, “What if we actually bought this house??” We’ve cultivated a beautiful little restoration community full of old house dreamers and hands-on fixer uppers along the way and we love to exchange inspiration and support most of all. We asked our audience to weigh in with all of the best and most inspiring accounts showcasing old house lovers restoring their historical fixer-uppers and the response was fantastic! Browse this list and add a little extra old house eye candy to your feed.




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Servants Cottage – Living Quarters SHORT Now we have seen an influx of beautiful dog and cat pictures on the gram… Not sure Ricky provides the same “aww cute”…Can you even see him? 😂 LONG Now this is the living quarters and we intend to keep it that way. Before you ask, Simon the stag came with the house and we estimate it to be over 100 years old (well since he was shot, poor thing). Now I know you are going to mention the wallpaper, yes we love it too, so much charm and age! We intend to keep it/restore it/replicate it, but that’s for another time. Now as amazing as Ricky the parrot is, he is not exactly Instagram worthy, he is too small, doesn’t provide much impact and I don’t see him going viral any time soon! We love him none the less, even if he constantly says “Ricky Ricky Ricky” and wolf whistles us all the time (we like to think he does it when we are looking particularly good and we take it as compliment 😂) #extremediyers #mytinyestate #walledgarden #restoration #cottage #restorationproject #gardencottage #workinprogress #reno #renovation #periodhome #periodhomes #periodhomestyle #oldhouse #oldhome #victorianarchitecture #sassyhomestyle #diy #architecture #kerbappeal #ivyremoval #courtyard #victorianhomes #Victorianhouse #cottage #apartmenttherapy #victorianrenovation #victorianrestoration

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When we took on this house I didn’t realise how attached I would become to this place. The more I find out, the more it makes me determined to bring it back to life, and make it what it once was for ourselves and also for everyone else as this place is a bit of a treasure. The rose garden has been an area we started working in April this year and there is so much to do, but we have made a start. The first roses are in and I will be going to @david_austin_roses in a couple of weeks to stock in bare root roses for the missing flower beds we are putting in ready for next year. Take a look at this old photo, here are the gardeners working in the rose garden in the 1800’s – with the owner Derwas looking on from the dining room window seat. The house is so different now along with the the rose garden. Swipe across to see what it looked like when we moved in 😢. I know we’ve got our work cut out, but I can’t wait to show you progress on this over the next year as the rose garden will really come back to life as we plant up the missing flower beds and start too look out how we can replace the wood and missing stone from the exterior of the house. Don’t worry Derwas – we will get your house back to what it was. 👌🏻😀 . . . . . . #renovation #renovationproject #renovations #nowandthen #history #historichouses #georgian #reno #project #garden #gardening #gardenrescue #historygeek #oldphotos #gardendesign #rosegarden #rosegardens #rosegardening #restore

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She looks best in the snow.

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Good morning all! @jennylovesguy and I are busy working on the last details of the back gable- patched the roof peak after removing the old chimney flashing, started putting up the trim boards, final coat of paint, etc. We’re hoping to get a little further along before we’re supposed to get some (badly needed) rain later. We’ve also been working on getting trees ordered for our food forest on the hill. While we ordered a few heirloom apple trees from a specialty company, the grafts didn’t take, and we’re back to square one. The original homestead had at least one large orchard, which a few trees still remain. There is one particularly large (huge, actually) old apple tree at the bottom of our hill (third pic) that we’d like to reinvigorate, but we’re not even sure what the fruit is like. Happy Thursday! #homestead #nhhomesteaders #farmlife #simplelife #orchard #heirloomapples #foodforest #farmhouse #farmhousekitchen #littlebylittle

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I found a place for the fall leaf garland I made by dipping pretty leaves into melted beeswax to preserve them. I hope you guys are not too tired of my before and afters. I’m terrible at taking videos while we work to document the process. When we start work on a project we just go, go, go and I will occasionally take a photo once in a while. In this house we have discovered many interesting mysteries. One of them is why did the walls have lath, plaster than beadboard over it (well at least the remaining walls when we got ahold of it, second photo). Since the home was just a rental owned by the mill in the late 1800’s that just seems like wall overkill. You usually just have only lath and plaster or just beadboard. The condemned mill house down the street from us that we removed materials from only had beadboard over wood studs. Does anyone perhaps have any idea why one house had better walls even though they were neighbors and looked exactly the same?

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