Antique Finds for Victorian Lovers

by Lauren Spinelli

Choo Choo! All aboard the ostentatious train! Get ready to journey back in time as I share my decor picks from the Victorian era. I’m full steam ahead to the period of the five C’s (color, cages, carvings, curved lines and claw feet). Let’s do this!


SPLURGE: Victorian Settee

Not only is it downright expensive to decorate a Victorian home complete with period furnishings, it’s simply impractical. A pleasant mix of one-of-a-kind Victorian pieces and updated essentials will maintain a theme throughout the home, without breaking the bank. This golden settee complete with carved walnut trim, would look exquisite in a parlor-turned-family room or down an entry hallway. You only need one and what an impact it will make!
Available at Jeans Antiques – eBay, Seller: Jeans Antiques; Price: $1,050.00

Salvaged Claw Foot Tub Legs

If you’d love to own a claw foot tub, but you’re lacking the funds or perhaps the maintenance is a turnoff, here’s an alternative. Salvaged claw feet are an easy find at your local antique shop or vintage e-commerce site. This particular pair of iron lovelies had me at H-E-L-L-O with their over-the-top details and gorgeous patina. Mount these on a wall in your bathroom or use them as bookends for your Dickens collection.
Available on Trescony Antiques’ Etsy shop, Seller: TresconyAntiques; Price: $57.00

Victorian Autograph Album

“When you are old, and cannot see, put on your specks and think of me.” – Minnie Green, April 7, 1892 (a quirky entry from this album…so cool!)
Victorian autograph albums are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Typically small in nature, these albums contain lovely written sentiments, drawings and die-cut scraps from friends and family. A collection of these books displayed both opened and closed would look heavenly inside of a shadow box coffee table.
Available on Collect and Recollect’s Etsy shop, Seller: CollectandRecollect; Price: $37.95

Victorian Top Hat & Case

When period clothing is used to decorate a home, I find the sentiment to be incredibly touching. Whether it’s petite white gloves left casually on an accent table or a pair of antique, lace up boots left by the door, all are unique reminders of a bygone era. My favorite? A gentleman’s top hat complete with its original leather case. Whether displayed in a curio cabinet, atop a wooden hat mold or simply hung from a coat rack, isn’t he lovely?
Available on shellyshighendcollectibles – eBay, Seller: shellyshighendcollectibles; Price: $149.99 (starting bid)

19th Century Birdcage

I admit it. I couldn’t write this post without including a birdcage. Some may think it’s typical, but that’s the beauty of it. A Victorian home sans a birdhouse is like peanut butter without the jelly! The cage alone is beautiful either set on a table or hanging from a tall stand. Add a battery-operated pillar candle inside (safety first!) and you’ll have the BEST nightlight ever. Voila!
Available on pandp_1800 – eBay, Seller: pandp_1800; Price: $295.00

Tin Tiles

Victorians left no space undecorated. Even their ceilings were works of art made from fancy moldings and tin tiles. If your home is lacking in the tin tile department, fear not! There are fantastic folks around the country who salvage these beauties from abandoned homes and former stores (thank you salvage warriors!) Tin tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors and are typically square or rectangular in shape. These would be oh-so-appropriate for an accent ceiling in your Victorian home or, ummm, an AMAZING kitchen backsplash! The possibilities are endless and I’m giddy just thinking about them!
Available on fragmentfreaks – eBay, Seller: fragmentfreaks; Price $21.99
Lauren was introduced to the world of flea markets and antiquing at a very young age, courtesy of her grandmother, Marguerite — an original “picker,” long before television popularized the term. Since then, antiques and vintage loot have fascinated Lauren. After years of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder in Boston, she needed a change and followed her heart back to her Mid-Atlantic roots. After a little soul-searching, she landed a marketing job at a fabulous antique shop in historic Chadds Ford, PA. Was it a leap of faith? Yes! A major transition? Absolutely! Any regrets? Nope! She loves working amongst architectural salvage and gadgets of yesteryear. Her dream house would have secret passageways, stained-glass windows, and fireplaces galore. She resides in West Chester, PA with her husband, Joe.

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