Antique Finds for Autumn Lovers

by Lauren Spinelli

Meshing vintage pieces with standard fall flair is a beautiful thing. Pumpkins and patina? YES PLEASE! If you’re looking to add vintage touches to your typical autumn décor, reap inspiration from my latest virtual pickin’ trip. Note: a hot cup of apple cider, pumpkin scone, and that oh-so-perfect sweatshirt are required before reading on.


Salvaged Fireplace Mantel

Looking to warm up on a crisp, fall night? A salvaged fireplace brings the heat to any living space and let’s be honest, is there anything better than decking a mantel for autumn and the seasons thereafter? Fun Tip: A mantel can be a creative headboard substitute in a bedroom and a space/money saver!
Available at TheSearchParty’s Etsy shop, Seller: The Search Party; Price: $400.00

Vintage Apple Crates (1930’s)

Hello, my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to crates. Plain or adorned, dovetailed or nailed, I love ‘em all. A stacked vignette of vintage apple crates on the porch amongst gourds, mums and a couple of old Dietz lanterns would look incredible. No porch? No problem! Use crates as decorative storage in your bedroom for your collection of knits and flannels.
Available on NestVintageModern’s Etsy shop, Seller: Nest Vintage Modern; Price: $56.00

SPLURGE: Antique Apple Butter Kettle

So, this is a major splurge and if Santa reads CIRCA, I’d like one please.
Antique apple butter kettles are quite large and made from rich, dovetailed copper with hand-forged accents. ABK’s are quite pricey, but absolutely gorgeous and SCREAM fall. A girl can dream, right? For now, just pass the apple butter.
Available on PBS – Antiques Roadshow, Price: $1,000+

Vintage Wooden Ladder

It’s important to give a living area height and draw the eye up from the floor. Lean a tall, vintage ladder against a wall for attention-grabbing, rustic style. Add functionality to the piece by hanging warm throws over the rungs for those cool nights ahead!
Available on 86home’s Etsy shop, Seller: 86home; Price: $250.00

Galvanized Metal Washtub (1940’s)

Vintage washtubs have a beautiful aesthetic and look particularly fabulous in a garden or yard. Toss in colorful gourds or use it as a planter for hearty ornamental cabbage. Another alternative? Fill with water and add red apples…you know what to do next. Ready, set, go!
Available on NeatVintageItems’ Etsy shop, Seller: NeatVintageItems; Price: $99.99

Assorted Amber Apothecary Bottles

For an inexpensive, vintage twist on fall, pick up an assortment of amber apothecary bottles. A nice mix of shapes and sizes will look fabulous and welcome the rich hues of the season into your home.
Available on BeachLaneVintage’s Etsy shop, Seller: BeachLaneVintage; Price $12.00; Marybethhale’s Etsy shop, Seller: Marybethhale; Price $56.00
Lauren was introduced to the world of flea markets and antiquing at a very young age, courtesy of her grandmother, Marguerite — an original “picker,” long before television popularized the term. Since then, antiques and vintage loot have fascinated Lauren. After years of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder in Boston, she needed a change and followed her heart back to her Mid-Atlantic roots. After a little soul-searching, she landed a marketing job at a fabulous antique shop in historic Chadds Ford, PA. Was it a leap of faith? Yes! A major transition? Absolutely! Any regrets? Nope! She loves working amongst architectural salvage and gadgets of yesteryear. Her dream house would have secret passageways, stained-glass windows, and fireplaces galore. She resides in West Chester, PA with her husband, Joe.

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featured favorites and more !