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Greek Revival: 1830 – 1865

by Hänsel Hernández-Navarro If there’s one thing we love about CIRCA, it’s the chance to “tour” the great vernacular architecture that makes America wonderful. We’re fascinated with the sweeping Southern porches, the Pueblo Revival homes of the Southwest, and the Craftsman bungalows dotting the Pacific Northwest. The midwest offers classic American Foursquares and majestic Queen Anne beauties, and New England satisfies our cravings for snow-covered colonials. America’s got style, that’s for sure! To help us decipher which style is which, we’ve enlisted the help of architectural conservator Hänsel Hernández-Navarro, who will be teaching us about styles on a bi-weekly basis. Today we’re talking about the Greek Revival style!   “I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world”, Socrates said. And if you look at the “Greek beauties” in CIRCA’s roster

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