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The Amityville Horror House is for Sale

If you have $850,000 and aren’t afraid of the dark, consider this listing in Amityville, New York, the scene of the infamous murders of six family members in 1974 that inspired the book The Amityville Horror and several movies over the following decades. I’ll admit I have mixed feelings about posting this one; alleged hauntings aside, I’ve always loved the style of this home and think it’s one of the most beautiful of any to appear on the big screen. Mention of the home’s past is suspiciously absent from the description in the real estate listing, which leads me to believe the owners (and their neighbors) would rather forget it ever happened. Still, it’s a beauty—I just wish we could see the inside!

These 3 Historical North Carolina Houses are Each $35,000 or Less

by Elizabeth Finkelstein

Since nothing makes me happier than a bunch of cheap, beautiful old houses, I thought I’d share three stunners that I came across while browsing Preservation North Carolina’s property inventory. They’re all for sale for under $35,000, which means you can have ALL THREE HOUSES for a collective price of under $100,000. I know. I KNOW.
(Psst… If you come across any cheap, beautiful old houses for sale, send them along to us at
No, I’m not kidding…

Why Everyone Should Raise a Family in an Old House

by Candice Whitlow

This past year has been a whirlwind of changes in my life. Eight months ago my husband and I brought another little, old house lover into the world, with the birth of our first child. Of course anyone who has ever had a baby knows that it entails a flood of visitors, and with those visitors come questions. We heard all of the usual questions that any new parent would hear from curious friends and family. However, a question from a friend really caught me off guard when they asked “Do you guys think that you’ll eventually move out of your old house into something more low maintenance, now that you’re starting a family?” At first I did what any new parent does on the regular—I questioned my judgement. Should we stay in our old house? Will we have time to work on it now that we have a baby?
But then I got to thinking about it. Why WOULD we move out of our old house? It’s not like it has suddenly become an uninhabitable death trap now that there is a baby living in it. Actually there are a lot of benefits to raising your family in an old house.
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