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My Positive Experience with Architectural Salvage

by Candice Whitlow

The biggest thing I have learned when it comes to restoration is that learning never stops when it comes to restoration. As redundant as it sounds, it’s a very true statement. Every project can bring new insight, and last summer a project my family’s construction company started “schooled” me in something that used to make me cringe. I’m talking about the controversial topic of architectural salvage.
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Portlandia: Old House Edition!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein

Portlandia sums up my entire existence in this hilarious episode that takes on fixer-uppers, Escrow, open houses and the tiny house movement all in one! Best line? “I want something that makes me scared when I look at it.” Guilty!
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You Should Move to Bath, Maine – A Chic Little City by the Sea!

by Alix Adams (Photo courtesy of Visit Bath)

Welcome to “You Should Move To…”, in which we travel the country scoping out beautiful, under-the-radar old house towns where big charm can be had for little cost. Have a city, town or neighborhood to recommend? Send it along to!
Bath had bragging rights before word spread about the great homes and charming downtown because the city is situated on the river in a way that (long story short) accommodates shipbuilding like WOAH. So for 400 years now Bath has been producing ships of all kinds – more than 5,000 vessels launched since building started in 1743.
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How to Buy a House You Can’t Afford

by Amy Dorsch Heavilin (photo above: Amy’s very own fixer-upper!)

Thinking of a buying a fixer-upper, but scared to death? Of course you are — we’ve all seen The Money Pit! To help clam your fears, we asked the lovely Amy of Vivacious Victorian to share with us all she’s learned about fixing up a beautiful Queen Anne home on a small budget.
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Featured Old House: Tranquility

10 Under 50 is, without a doubt, CIRCA’s most popular recurring series. No surprise there — who doesn’t love to ogle darling old houses? And when these dream abodes are financially attainable for $50,000 or less?! Count us in!
One lucky CIRCA reader has turned daydreaming into reality, as the new owner of a Georgia property included in our August Edition of 10 Under 50: 4618 Wrens Highway Thomson, GA 30824. “Tell us all about it,” we implored. And so they did … enjoy Part 1 of this two-part tale!
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