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Our Favorite Interior Paint Colors for Old Houses

By Elizabeth Finkelstein. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that my husband is sick of hearing me talk about paint colors. The good news is that I’ve found another outlet for my obsession: CIRCA! I’ve put together a little film showing off my favorite interior paint colors (and trust me, I’ve tried MANY) for old houses. Enjoy! And make sure to follow YouTube Channel to see more eye candy each week! Click through the jump below to watch!   var OB_platformType=3; var

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Because I’m Obsessed With Wallpaper…

If I couldn’t spend all day writing about old houses, I’d opt to spend all day writing about wallpaper. Thanks to the lovely crew over at 6sqft, I recently got to do just that in a super fun guest post! Head their way to check out my 12 favorite wall treatments for renters and homeowners at every budget. Thanks 6sqft!   var OB_platformType=3; var

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8 Wallpapers for Every Style

by Katy Mendenhall. Photo courtesy of If you are looking to bring something special to your space, why not consider wallpaper? It’s not just for the brave or the bold. Wallpaper can be minimal, subtle, and it’s pretty chic when done right.   var OB_platformType=3; var

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5 Inspiring Farmhouse Kitchens

by Katy Mendenhall. Kitchens are the center of our home. It’s the one room where we come together to create conversation, relationships, and most importantly, food. So, it’s critical that we create a kitchen space that is comfortable, stylish, and functional.   var OB_platformType=3; var

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A Federal Era Beauty in Savannah, Georgia

by Vincent Wilcke I’ve had my eye on 331 Barnard Street in Savannah, GA, since it was first listed on CIRCA, way back when the site was brand new. Built in 1844, this detached town house is situated on Pulaski Square in the heart of the city’s Landmark District. Complete with a generous porch, walled garden and beautiful detailing, this magnificent home is rich with historic charm, and (in my humble opinion) worth every penny of its $1,800,000 asking price!   var OB_platformType=3; var

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Lord’s Castle: An 1890s Beaux-Arts Dream

For a historic interiors fanatic, going through CIRCA’s listings is definitely a guilty pleasure. While seeking out this week’s subject, I came across the listing for Lord’s Castle in Piermont, New York. Love at first sight! With a history dating back to the 1840s, an intervention by one of the most prolific architectural firms in the history of the United States and over thirty graciously detailed rooms, who would not want to call Lord’s Castle home?   var OB_platformType=3; var

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The Butterfly House: East Hampton, New York

After a brief holiday hiatus Incredible Interiors has returned! Due to the stockpile of amazing interiors held within CIRCA’s listings, I have decided to examine some of my very favorites, starting with Henry T. Howard’s Butterfly House in East Hampton, NY. Listed with the Corcoran Group for $699,999, I’ve had my eye on this mid-century beauty since CIRCA’s launch. Its superb angular roof exudes modernity and it stands in a distinct lineup of other famous butterfly roof houses! var OB_platformType=3; var

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