4 Homes for Sale with Fun Vintage Bathrooms

8215 Co Rd 79, Auburn, AL

Almost all of us go weak in the knees for a gorgeous claw-foot tub, but how far are you willing to go? I’ve been running across a few vintage bathrooms this week that are, frankly, refreshing in their resistance to the status quo. It’s nice to see something *different* in a sea of sameness. In a sea of gray tile, be rust-toned carpet, old house lovers.

1. 925 Oak St, Colusa, CA  – $409,900

4 beds/2.5 baths
3,035 sqft, 0.22 acres

The Roy Wallace Grenfell House was built in 1906 by Mr. Grenfell himself. He even owned the lumber yard that supplied the wood, and, supply it he did. There is so much stunning woodwork in this house and the bathroom is a retro treat.

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2. 1085 Georgia Ave, Macon, GA  – $1,600,000

10 beds/10 baths 
14,375 sqft, 0.33 acres

The Burke Mansion is a c. 1887 Bed & Breakfast in the bustling Historic District in Macon. The pocket doors, insane woodwork, and fireplaces are fantastic. This tub: irresistible.

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3. 8215 Co Rd 79, Auburn, AL – $645,000

4 beds/4 baths
5,467 sqft, 97 acres

This GEM is tucked inside of a gorgeous c.1844 Greek Revival built with heart pine. The shared spaces are stately and there are 8 carved fireplaces (wow) but the carpeted bathrooms are on another level. Why do I love this so much?

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4. 152 NE 93rd St, Miami Shores, FL – $674,790

3 beds/2 baths
2,667 sqft, 0.24 acres

Everything about this Miami home is invigorating and I keep coming back to it, but, this tub is downright fantastic and a work of art. I love this vintage knobs, too.

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