How to Create Your ~*Fantasy*~ Farmhouse Kitchen!

Is this a “one-room journey” or an immersive sound experience?! BOTH, obviously *wink* The Castkills wildlife turned out in full force to chirp and sing along as Christienne of @catskillfarmhouse warmly welcomes us into her kitchen to share the backstory of how she and her husband have renovated their spacious, airy (now that they’ve raised the ceiling nearly two feet!) kitchen.

The look: simple, classic, English. My personal favorite feature just might be the 10-foot-long table/island, which accommodates no less than eight stools for guests galore as the Dobsons prepare a meal for dining al fresco in the beautiful Catskills.

BONUS: the adorable click-clack of #sukisuzukimeatwolf‘s tiny toes as she follows Christienne throughout the tour (it. is. adorable.) A million thanks @catskillfarmhouse for inviting us into your home … although, how did we not just stand for 5 solid minutes in silence and gaze upon your marvelous, drool-worthy, swoon-inducing farm sink and faucet???!?!! I’ve demanded it have a dedicated hashtag and have proposed #CatskillFarmFaucet@twofoxfarmstead wisely put forward #sexyfaucet. I think the winner is obvious; choice is ultimately yours, @catskillfarmhouse.


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