Vikki Grodner

Hospitality Network Group at Keller Williams

After a successful career as a marketing, communications, and business development executive in cities from New York to Atlanta, Vikki returned to Alabama to follow her passions: interior decorating and real estate. In fact, she is a bit of a self proclaimed real estate geek. You know the kind: That person who always looks at houses for sale whether they are on vacation, visiting a friend out of town or reading an article about a charming town or hip city somewhere. As a licensed Realtor and Certified Interior Decorator (CID), Vikki is able to offer a unique perspective to her clients – using her skills and experience expertise to help them sell, find and buy their dream homes, with a particular emphasis on historic properties.

Email | VikkiGrodner (at) kw (dot) com
Phone | (205) 422-9713

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