Let’s all put in $100 and save this thing, shall we?

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking all over for the perfect 56-room Neoclassical mansion and just can’t find exactly what you’re after? Found it. Silk-producing business tycoon George Dery built this home (silk was VERY lucrative at the time, if you’re wondering) and spared absolutely no expense. Coffered ceilings, marble fireplaces, gorgeous stained glass (Tiffany, naturally!) and an indoor pool are all there and in unbelievably impeccable shape. Oh, and an observatory for star gazing. And a pub! What I’m saying is: there’s a mansion that has been compared to the likes of the the Vanderbuilts’ Biltmore Estate, nearly untouched since its heyday, and on sale for $675,000. Someone is going to need to take one for the team and buy this place. I’m worried what will happen to it if we don’t!

520 5th St, Catasauqua, PA 18032

18 beds, 18 baths, 24,000 sq.ft.
Asking Price: $675,000

Historic Mansion built by the King of Silk at the turn of the century. After an initial expansion, this structure of 56 rooms now comprises 24,000 sq. ft. Built like a fortress, this superstructure of steel with poured reinforced concrete assuredly will last through the generations. Striking curb appeal includes Roman brick exterior, inviting tile floor porches and entrance ways, and half a city block of property that includes the home, a 12 car garage and carriage house. This a truly special property. Current floor plan makes a perfect special event venue or B&B facility, providing 18 guest rooms, ballrooms, kitchen areas, barrooms, Tiffany skylight, roof top and various terraces, garden, indoor swimming facility. Renovations throughout are underway. HVAC upgrades, replacement windows, room design to include private fireplaces and private baths. Contractors are available to complete existing vision or adapt to the use of your choice. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for a very special property.
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