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Easy Delicious Recipes with Common Ingredients, and Cooking Substitutions Information 

Anya’s Eats is here to help you get started on your next cooking adventure! We’ve put together a list of the most common ingredients that you might use in your kitchen, along with some common substitutions for those ingredients. We hope this helps you get more comfortable with using your kitchen tools and creating delicious meals!

When you’re feeling bored with your kitchen, maybe it’s time to try something new. Or maybe you just want to make something that isn’t as complicated as a full-on meal. No matter what your reason, these recipes are sure to be a hit!

Easy Delicious Recipes: Common Ingredients

You probably already have most of these ingredients in your fridge or pantry—but if not, don’t worry! We’ve got a few easy substitutions for those that aren’t already on hand.

What’s the most common ingredient you’ve got in your kitchen? Probably flour, right? What about sugar? And eggs?

On Anya’s Eats, we’ll demonstrate how to prepare some of our favorite recipes using simple ingredients like those, and then we’ll explain how to replace some of those components with healthier and more ecologically friendly alternatives.

Let’s start with flour. Flour is a pretty versatile ingredient that can be used for baking, thickening sauces, and even making pasta! But it does have a lot of sodium and carbs. If you don’t eat refined flour often, switching to whole wheat or white flour can help keep your body healthier.

Next up… sugar! Sugar is a sweetener that can be found naturally in many foods, like fruits and vegetables. It also comes from honey and maple syrup. Unfortunately, it has been linked with diabetes and other health problems due to its high glycemic index levels (which means it spikes blood sugar levels quickly). Switching over to natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup instead will help keep your body healthy while still enjoying the sweet taste of baked goods!

For example, these common ingredients are used in many recipes and can help you create delicious meals. They include:

-Olive oil

-Bacon (or ham)

-Cheese (or cream cheese)

-Wholemeal flour or plain flour

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Easy Delicious Recipes: Cooking Substitutions

There are plenty of ways to make cooking more efficient, but sometimes it’s just easier to go old-school and spin straw into gold. Here are some cheap alternatives for common cooking tasks like chopping and grinding meat.

For example, instead of using plain water as a base for your homemade soup—which is what most people do—try adding some herbs or spices to give it some extra flavor. Or try replacing some of the water with coconut water or lemon juice! You’ll be surprised by how much better your soup tastes when you give it a little extra something.

Another great substitution is using tofu instead of meat in many recipes. Tofu is high in protein and low in fat, so it makes for a healthy alternative to meat when making any type of dish that calls for meat. If there is no meat option available (or even if it’s just too expensive), try using tofu instead! It’s also easy enough to prepare at home without having to go out too much or spend too much money on groceries.

Sometimes a recipe calls for one ingredient but you don’t have it. Don’t worry—there are several things you can substitute for each one of these ingredients.

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Here are some easy and delicious recipes that use common ingredients and cooking substitutions.

-Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies.
-Easy Chicken Fajitas.
-Easy Steak Fajitas.
-Easy Mexican Lasagna.
-Calamari with Lemon Aioli.
-Chicken Parmesan.
-Pizza Bites.
-Spinach Artichoke Dip

It’s simple to find a basic recipe that’s delicious and appealing, but for those who want to take it to the next level, these are the recipes you need. You’ll be able to get started on your culinary adventure with some of these recipes as soon as you start cooking them!
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