About Patricia “Patsy” Nyberg

Patsy is well known to be witty yet sensitive and very down to earth. She has the rare ability to connect with people of all ages from all walks of life. Bottom line: She loves people! And she loves life! Patsy has worn several hats throughout her life time. Each new road is seen as a new adventure. Each road has led to service to others. The Nyberg family relocated from the Phoenix area to Cochise County in 2009. The mild high desert climate and harsh beauty of this new environment has held her heart. After living in 3 countries, 8 states in 20 homes (!) Patsy has found her place at the foothills of Cochise Stronghold. She adores the privacy of her small desert home and the peace that comes with the area. Patsy lives with her husband Karl, a master carpenter, who built Los Caprichos Ranch house (On a Whim) from the remnants of an old cabin.

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