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Greetings Y’all! I am Lynn M. Taylor, a native Texan, born in Lubbock. Yup, flat lands tumble weeds and music. Raised during the early days of Rock & Roll, I traveled locally to radio stations plugging records with my sister Kay, who was friends with the late Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings and later engaged to singer/song writer Mac Davis. With Lubbock in our rear-view mirror, my family moved to Dallas where I would go with my mother to look for small farms just north of Dallas. She finally found a 30-acre farm in Pilot Point, TX with an older home and barn. Outlaws Bonnie and Clyde held up at this place until they robbed the bank there. My parents later bought another 100+ acres nearby Pilot Point. My grandpa “Pa” moved there from Lubbock soon after, so I spent most weekends and summer vacations up there on that 30-acre hill. I helped “Pa” tend to the animals. We had cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens oh lots of chickens and that’s where I started my entrepreneurial ship, as I’d gather eggs, cull them by placing the egg on top of a coffee can which we cut a hole in the top and a light bulb with an electrical switch cord so we could turn the eggs around and make sure there was no blood in the egg. If so, we’d put them in a bucket and feed ‘em to the hogs. After that we’d carton them up and I’d sell them door to door back home in Dallas. Oh, I split the profits 50/50 with Pa and we made a good profit After graduating high school, I attended North Texas State University majoring in Marketing and Psychology. I volunteered for the Army during the Vietnam era. As a combat medic, Neuropsychiatry specialist and a clinical psychology specialist. I honorably served this great nation. I always remembered going with my mom to look for farms, and kept the desire to get into real estate, especially after seeing a huge commission check a Real Estate Broker friend of my dad showed me. I went back to school and received my real estate license in Dallas. I cut my real estate teeth on farms and income properties in Dallas, then joined a huge builder after moving to Austin. I started investing in rental properties at an early age. I bought single family homes at first, then my first multifamily was an 8-plex which I re-sold the day I bought it for a $50,000 profit but couldn’t close for a year and a day due to Capital Gains Taxes. After managing several real estate companies, I opened my own company, Republic of Texas Real Estate specializing in residential and income producing investment properties. I have managed over 300 agents and brokers over the years. As well as conducting over 100 investment seminars across the country. I have closed over 2,000 real estate transactions, including single family homes, duplexes, 4-plexes, apartments, warehouses, land and other transactions. In the late 80’s the Austin area had a recession. No buyers so I decided to what others failed to do. I brought the mountain to Mohammad. I realized with few buyers in Texas and plenty in California, I went to California and began conducting real estate seminars to investors, teaching real estate markets cycle, trends and conditions comparing their markets with those in Texas, thus bringing investors to invest in Texas. This led to seminars in Hawaii, Las Vegas and others. We marketed and sold many apartment complexes, commercial properties, land development and single-family rental homes to those investors and made them rich. I have experienced and survived many real estate cycles. My experience and knowledge are Valuable to you. Having a huge arsenal of creative marketing ideas and other tools and experience, I’ll help you buy, sell and invest. Honesty, Integrity and a genuine concern for other people’s needs, have earned me the privilege of being called their Realtor. Through these satisfied buyers and sellers, I have earned the trust and confidence required of them be repeat buyers or sellers and to refer their friends to me. Results: Long term Professional Relationships and Life Long Friendships.

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