About Kathleen Wilson

Friends describe me as motivated and driven. Clients say I act as a therapist and reality check and “negotiate killer deals.” After 16 years selling homes, I still love wearing so many hats. Previously, I was a union organizer and public education campaign PR consultant. I am a born and bred advocate and feel the hum of what I do when I am fulfilling my innate drive to be both a benefactor and a competitor. On the one side, I am always looking for ways to meet your deeper needs and be of service. On the other side, I thrill in the “win” for a buyer in a multiple offer scenario or securing the highest price for a seller during intense negotiations. When you work with me, the Olympian inside of me is harnessed to help you reach your goals. Equally important is the relationship I build over time with you, the client. Referrals are the bread and butter of my business. A referral tells me I have truly helped someone in a meaningful way. And there you have my transparent motivation: to deliver such a “WOW” level of service that you refer your friends, family, and co-workers to me. I am full of gratitude every day to be able to be of service, and at the same time fiercely negotiate and advocate for clients, strategizing wins both big and small. If you want a Realtor that tells it like it is, prioritizes you and makes you feel listened to, I am that Realtor. If you need a hard driving, aggressive advocate who is strategic in representing your best interests, I am that Realtor. You don’t have to sacrifice the strategic smarts, negotiating skills and market expertise to experience the responsiveness and caring you want in a service provider. With me, you get both. I have lived in the Bay Area for almost 30 years – specifically in Albany, California. My husband John (like me a serial entrepreneur) and I have two kids, 12 year old Max and 8 year old Ella. I am an avid sci fi book and movie fan and travel all around the world with my family, instilling a sense of adventure and compassion in my kids. I chose to work with Red Oak Realty because it is an independent, Oakland-based, woman-owned firm with offices in Berkeley and Oakland versus a national office that would siphon off resources. That gives my clients the competitive advantage, with things like an in-house marketing team, a dedicated PR firm, and a 15-to-100 staff to agent ratio.

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