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Kate Wood

Licensed associate broker at Patricia A. Hinkein Realty

Kate Wood is an associate real estate broker with Patricia A. Hinkein Realty in Germantown, NY, specializing in historic and fixer-upper properties. She is also the founder and principal of Worth Preserving (, offering rehabilitation construction planning and management services with a mission to preserve local properties of character and support excellent home stewardship. She also founded At Home in the Hudson Valley to help owners share their homes as short-term rentals. Kate holds Master’s degrees in Historic Preservation and Urban Planning from Columbia University. She is the co-author of Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York (Monacelli Press, 2015), serves on the board of the Friends of Clermont Historic Site, and spent more than 15 years in the advocacy trenches as CEO of LANDMARK WEST!, the non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to preserving Manhattan’s Upper West Side (home to more than 3,500 landmark buildings). Kate and her family began rehabilitating Hudson Valley properties in 2007. In both her work and spare time, she loves nothing better than “messing about” with old houses.

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