About Jennifer Walker

Jennifer spent many years as a line producer in the high stress environment of NYC reality television when it was in its infancy. Her shoots were a mixture of fun and hard work, and many were filmed with a live studio audience, thus adding to the intensity of it. Each of the stakeholders at her shows felt special because of her individual attention and ability to know just what they needed and when. She helped to calm tempers and guided each person to their best selves. “Concurrent with that work, Jennifer trained with one of the top yoga teachers in the country, and opened her own highly successful boutique yoga studio on the Upper West Side, creating a vibrant community of spiritual and physical health seekers, including famous actors, writers and directors. She taught them all how to breathe, to listen, to find peace in the chaos, and to accept challenging situations in their lives with grace. “And now, by following her own intuition again, she has found herself back home in Southern Maine. Her passion for this landscape has brought her to a place where she can offer quality service to her customers. She has no greater pleasure than making connections between people and helping them to find their own inner peace and contentment with their lives, finding their right place to call home, or the right business to manifest their own dreams.

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