Linda Blakemore

Linda Blakemore

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About Linda Blakemore

Originally from the Midwest, I spent 30 years of my life in California. I am an entrepreneur and a lover of old houses. I married my high school sweetheart Michael, 36 years ago, who is an award-winning architect. We lived in San Francisco for 6 years and I’ve been in love with old houses every since. Our first house was a 600 square foot cottage in SF. We first visited Savannah in 2016 as a “side trip” while touring colleges on the East Coast for our daughter. It was July and yes it was hot and humid but we were blown away by the beautiful old homes, the heavenly squares, and the Southern Charm. We jumped in to the deep end and purchased a beautiful ”Four Square” build in 1919 as our first renovation project. Every day when I walk through our magical city, I have to pinch myself. For an old house lover, living in Savannah is like being a kid in a candy store. I’m completely invigorated and in love with the ”hostess city of the South” and I invite you to join me in this magical place by purchasing a historical home. I’m an active member and volunteer with Historic Savannah Foundation and hope to contribute in some small way to their preservation efforts by selling historic homes to other like minded, old house obsessed friends!  You can follow our project on [email protected]  

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