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David Reecher

at Rapid Results Team Of Coldwell Banker

With more than 25 years of experience in direct marketing and more than 20 years in real estate, I specialize in selling real estate quickly and for the highest price possible. It pains me to see a homeowner put in a position where they have to sell their house for less than it is truly worth, simply because the sales and marketing process was handled poorly from the very start; i.e., not enough was done beyond listing the house on the MLS. Using the MLS as the main method to sell a luxury priced house is a horrible way to sell it. The universe of people “actively searching on the MLS” for a luxury home is considerably smaller than the amount of luxury homes on the market at any given time. So relying on the MLS as your main selling tool is putting luck in charge of doing your selling. Since 2005, I have been involved with the sales and marketing of many luxury properties, and the successful ingredients to sell any property, especially a luxury priced property, is in the use of target marketing to the most opportune buyer(s) in order to create demand for that particular property. Creating demand by increasing the number of potential buyers is exactly how you sell a luxury house quickly and for the most money. I have sold a lot of houses to people who were not in the market to buy a new house at the time they bought, yet they did. Don’t leave the sale of your house to chance. Call me today at 443-623-2565.

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