About Cynthia Forte

Cindy Forte has a lifetime of experience helping others manage transitions from one aspect of life to another. As a Realtor, Cindy delights in bringing happiness to her clients in transition from one home to another. As a nurse, she has helped people through circumstances as diverse as cancer, addiction, hospice care, and death. In her ten years practicing Reflexology and Reiki, she has learned to love the aspects of her practice that enable her to bring joy and comfort to her clients. Cindy brings all of her empathy and compassion, as well as her capacity for joy and cheer, into her role as realtor. She brings her expertise in managing stressful situations to the table in every transaction, and treats every client as a person of value who deserves and will get the best she has to offer. She delights in helping people realize their dreams, and shares her confidence and ability with every client.

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