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Carol Howard

retired at Mrs.

I am a person who gets your emails every week who loves old homes and I am looking for an old home. why do you not have my favorite properties listed? It wont let me save a colonial. I am half British from one of Englands oldest families, traced in a family book to 900AD. My family is over 1100 years old. I miss England. old homes are in my blood I have been looking in the East for a long time. i have alot of antiques. I have new england and Pa. Colonial antiques and primitives from the Shenandoah valley and other parts of the south. I love New England colonials salt boxes and capes. I am looking in the south for an old farmhouse in an area with some property trees. I am on FB as Carol Sheffield Howard but I am Carol Howard.. I hope this site works and takes my photo I want to add to favorites I dont know how to save. these are very important to me. Your emails I love every week. Thankyou, Carol I have no idea what a URL is? I am on pinterest and FB and Instagram though its very hard to do.

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