About Brenda Sharpe

Real Estate has been a passion of mine since I was quite young. I remember getting the Sunday paper and studying the home design of the week. Since I couldn’t draw a straight line, being an Architect was out. However, the love of homes and design never faded. Long before there were fixer or flip shows, my husband and I were busy buying, fixing and selling homes as we moved around the country with his Naval career. Whether it was an 1888 Victorian in Newport, RI or a 1925 Dutch Colonial in Norfolk, Virginia, we both loved the craftsmanship and character found within. I have a BA from UNC Chapel Hill and an MBA from Old Dominion University. I became a Licensed Realtor in Virginia in 2004 and a Licensed Broker in North Carolina in 2013. Whether you are buying or selling, I would love to talk to you about your passion for Circa homes too!

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