Queen Anne with Residential and Commercial Potential

I’m passionate about preserving old houses because they’re the physical remnants of long, complicated stories about who we are. It’s easy because they’re often gorgeous, but what really gets me is thinking about families, and echoing laughter, and even pain – just that feeling that we get when we’re *home* that sets us at special ease and brings out our truest selves (and our comfiest, rattiest sweatpants.) Perhaps not literally, but all of those raw moments are inside of a house that’s been around for a while. You feel it. Caring for an old house, sure, is saying “I love those carved mantels, you just can’t find anything like that anymore!!” It’s also, and maybe more importantly, saying “I don’t want to throw away all those beautifully real moments just because they aren’t mine. I want to keep adding to the story!” Ya know? Anywho…this house has been around for over 150 years, seen children come and grow and go, and even escaped demolition in the 1980s. Now she needs someone with a new vision. I’m personally seeing a sweet little commercial space with upstairs living quarters, as it’s right in downtown Marietta, but you do you! Just check this one out.

316 3rd St, Marietta, OH 45750

6 beds/2.5 baths, 4,600 sq.ft.
Asking Price: $225,000

The Bosworth-Biszantz residence at 316 Third Street in Marietta, Ohio was built in 1868 by Martin Pomery Wells of the merchant firm, Bosworth and Wells, and was later owned by Frank B. Biszantz. The more formal approach to the Victorian era is seen in tapered columns set on raised cut stone piers, a classic Queen Anne tower that was added by Mr. Biszantz, and a spacious wraparound porch. The beautiful red brick exterior retains its original beauty and refined restraint is used to embellish the interior three floors. This home is currently owned by a preservation partnership and as an owner you may take part in Marietta’s rich history. Covenants do apply to protect this home’s heritage. This ideal location offers residential or professional use.
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Alix is CIRCA’s Properties Manager. She relishes working directly with homeowners and real estate agents to track down new stewards for homes with secrets to keep and stories to tell! On a lifetime mission to visit every great flea market in the world, she’s probably going to need a bigger old house soon.

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