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PETER PENNOYER ARCHITECTS is a 50-person firm of architects, interior designers, and related professionals based in Manhattan and with an office in Miami, Florida. Founded in 1990, PPA is recognized as a leader in new construction, renovation, and historic preservation for residential, commercial, and institutional commissions across the United States and abroad.

Our work is characterized by sophisticated detail, high quality craftsmanship and a nimble balance between comfort, beauty, modernity and continuity with the past. Our library of some 10,000 volumes is the wellspring of the practice, inspiring designs that combine scholarship, historic precedent, creative invention and modern taste. For each commission, we look at the site and its architectural heritage to understand the landscape to which we are contributing. As a result, we can be versatile, wielding a wide-ranging command of styles grounded in history, knowledge and tradition. At the same time, we are designing for today’s living. Providing comfort and modern convenience, orchestrating the way spaces are organized and flow into one another, and designing rooms to receive furnishings and art are just some of the measures in which we take pride.

We believe that the creative process begins once the practical goals of a project, its schedule and budget, are clearly defined. Collaboration is also key to success; each of our projects is a collective effort that synthesizes the premises of the commission, the voice of our client and the creative talents of the architects, designers, craftsmen and artists involved.

We enjoy longstanding relationships with many interior designers, landscape architects, artisans, builders and consultants as well as with returning clients. PPA’s own interior design department also offers a full range of decorating services and often works in concert with our architectural team to tailor finishes and furnishings from city apartments and country houses to residential developments.

With over 200 built projects ranging from renovations of significant landmarked structures to newly built condominium towers, we are well versed in dealing with multi-layered governmental agencies. In New York City, PPA has been the architect of over 40 projects requiring approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. PPA has earned a well-established reputation with preservation authorities, local landmark advocacy groups, and community boards, both in and outside the city.

While we continue to rely on traditional methods of design, such as hand drawing and watercolor, PPA also stays at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and computer design tools. Our investment in 3D imaging/virtual reality and 3D printing can offer our clients the opportunity to see imagined forms through tangible prototypes during the design development phase of a project.

PPA has been widely published, earned numerous awards and built a following of over 60K on Instagram. PPA is also a member of Architectural Digest’s AD100.

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