House Crush: An Adorable Craftsman Bungalow in Georgetown, Texas

by Danielle Watts.

If you’ve ever been to Georgetown, Texas, you know that its rightfully earned title of having the “Most Beautiful Town Square In Texas” isn’t a stretch. The historic buildings surrounding the court house are speckled with restaurants, antique stores, and even wineries. As you venture beyond the picturesque square, you realize that the historic buildings don’t end there. The historic neighborhoods and homes that surround, are just as deserving of recognition.


1256 S Main St. Georgetown, Texas

Circa 1913
Asking price: $595,000
Property Type: Single Family Home
3,000 square feet/ 4 Bed/ 2 Bath
Status: For Sale
Listing and photos courtesy of Central Metro Realty
For further details about the property please contact:
Jen Cisneros
Central Metro Realty/5271

Nestled in one of the most timeless and sought after areas of town lies this 1913 Belford Historic Home. The wrap around front porch alone, with its wide front steps and bungalow style charm, will invite you in and perhaps make you never want to leave. This 4 Bed/2 Bath features 10 feet high ceilings, detailed doors and windows, beautiful hardwood floors, crown molding, and a staircase at both the front and back of the home. The home sits on a corner lot of the tree lined Main street and is surrounded by fellow historic beauties built in another era. Don’t be fooled by the over 100 year old age of the home, it is in magnificent condition looking as if it has been lovingly cared for all 100 of those years with many of its historic features beautifully in place.

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Hailing from the Great State of Texas, Danielle has been admiring old and historic properties for as long as she can remember. Walking down old streets or through old neighborhoods or towns, Danielle began to realize that she was getting left behind the group because she was stopping to read any and every historic marker she passed. It wasn’t just the unique and beautiful properties that would catch her attention, but the stories that came along with them. Like a time capsule, these houses and buildings could tell a story all on their own. By trade, Danielle is both a Real Estate Agent and a Nurse in Austin, Texas. On the weekends you can find her working with her husband and fluffy dog to renovate their 1960’s home and exploring as much as they can.

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