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We scour new real estate listings daily, coast to coast, searching for homes for sale for under $100k. We hand pick the most beautiful of the bunch and share them with you.

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Under $250k

We find SCORES of bargain homes throughout the country that don’t fall under $100k, but that are nonetheless amazing homes worthy of preserving. “Cheap(ish) Old Houses” showcases a collection of historical homes for sale for under $250k, generally focusing on more expensive parts of the country.

On 3+ Acres

This one’s for the ultimate dreamers. Looking to get away from it all? We hear ya! Our Cheap Old Farmhouses newsletter showcases amazing, old fixer-uppers for sale all across America that sit on at least 3+ acres and are for sale for under $150k. Give me wide open spaces, baby!

Canada + Europe

Our “Cheap Old Houses Abroad” newsletter focuses on houses for sale for under $150k USD in Canada and Europe, and occasionally in other far-off places. We’re talking quaint Nordic cabins, Irish cottages, Tuscan villas and old stone homes overlooking the Mediterranean. It’ll be the dreamiest thing you’ll see all week, we promise!


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I just received my third newsletter and wanted to tell you that these are truly amazing! SOOOO glad I signed up for the secret account! Fingers crossed that I’ll find one in my neck of the woods one day! 🤞 Thank you for all your hard work pulling these together. What a treat. Now I have something new to look forward to every week!

– Lindsay

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