About Sandy Dunn

Sandy is an experienced and knowledgeable broker, builder and certified general real estate appraiser. She opened Homestead Realty in June, 1974 and has successfully built the company from two agents to 7 agents, making Homestead the largest agency in the county.

Biography: With her more than 42 years of experience in the real estate and in the building business, Sandy has an extensive background in real estate sales, building, financing, appraisals, consultations and working with relocation firms.

Sandy is president of B.J. Builders, Inc., a company that was founded by her father in October 1953. Sandy joined the company in February 1970 and has been very involved in the building business. Sandy said, ”I feel the building business and the real estate business compliment one another. Our new houses are sold through Homestead Realty and if a client can’t find a house they want they then have the option to have one built.”

Sandy is a member of the Kanawha Valley Board of Realtors, the West Virginia Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. She is also a member of the local, state and National Association of Home Builders, where she served as National President in 2008.

Sandy is dedicated to providing clients with unsurpassed customer service and integrity. She wants Homestead Realty and B.J. Builders, Inc. to help you reach your real estate goals in the most timely and professional manner.

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