The Aerie House in Glen Alpine, North Carolina

by Amanda Davis

Happy Valentine’s Day, old house lovers! This year I’m sending flowers and chocolates to my very special Valentine down south in the wonderfully-named Glen Alpine, North Carolina. She’s eclectic and an old soul, but she could use a little cheering up these days.
And just who is my Valentine? The beautiful old Aerie House at 53 Hennessee Street, for sale for $119,000. Built in 1905 for Doctor Emanuel Augustus “Gus” Hennessee II, the house has sadly fallen into major disrepair. Dr. Hennessee was a native of Glen Alpine, born in 1863, and seems to have been involved in a rather unfortunate feud with another family that ultimately led to his demise in 1918. Nothing like a little local history to add some spice to the mix.


Historical images courtesy of

It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happened to this house when you compare it to historic photos of a century ago. Someone please swoop in and rescue this beauty!
The house itself is quite stunning with that central stone and wood tower. It seems so unusual against the more traditional looking wood clapboard house behind it, but fun quirks like this are why I love a great old house. I could see myself gazing out towards the mountains from those windows at the top floor (and it would be a great space to cozy up with a good book). And how enchanting are those Gothic-arched openings at the porch? I also love this stained glass; how could my day not be brightened just by seeing the light shine through it in a rainbow of colors? This door looks like it’s located on the porch just to the right of the tower.
One of my favorite features in old houses are room dividers like this one. Simple yet elegant tapered pilasters over built-in shelves (filled with books or trinkets to your heart’s content!). This kind of architectural feature really opens up a space, but it also adds lots of character in the process. Not a bad deal right there.
I’m in awe of the woodwork in this house! I can’t get enough of the patterns used to accentuate these walls, and all with one material. Can’t you just imagine how amazing this room would be fully restored?
And here we are back again in my secret hideaway. I’d love to know how this room was originally used. Somewhere in the house Dr. Hennessee had an office, and if I were him I’d place my desk right here.
Please help get the word out about the Aerie House before it’s too late! There’s lots of TLC needed here, but with just the right amount of love I’d like to think there’s a happy ending in this Valentine’s future.
Ready to roll up your sleeves? Check out the full listing on CIRCA.
Amanda is an historic preservationist living in New York City with a particular fondness for fixer-uppers. She can be spotted checking out quirky historic details here, there, and everywhere in her handmade dresses. Every time Amanda sees a cozy room with large windows and beautiful built-ins she can’t help but imagine her very own sewing nook with oldies music playing in the background.

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12 thoughts on “The Aerie House in Glen Alpine, North Carolina”

  • fifty8vw

    Dr. Hennessee was my Dad’s Dad’s Dad’s Brother. I’d love more than anything to buy this house and fix it up over time, even if only one board at a time! Hopefully in time a solution will present itself and I’ll be able to purchase it so a Hennessee can once again call The Aerie home.

  • Mickey William Hennessee

    Dr. Hennessee is(was) my Great Grandfather.

  • Stacy Gregory

    Im so in love with this house , I am a first time home buyer , and a fixxer upper is what I want , so i can restore it into my dream home 🙂 so glad I found this page

  • amy

    whay a beautifull home my husband is a handyman just what we need
    i’d like to know the square footage on the home though

  • ethan1234

    These guys used to be the agent for this property… maybe they have more information:
    Trulia also lists the property as ‘unknown’:
    Good luck finding a place!

  • ethan1234

    Here is the property on CIRCA:

  • jonr

    This house is part of my life. Everyday I’ve looked at it and marveled, from the time I knee high to a grasshopper.

  • Anita Wages

    He had a son named Valentine, Amanda, born in 1898.

  • Patricia Fortier

    This was my grandfather’s house. My dad was good youngest son.

  • Patricia Fortier

    My dad was the youngest boy. His name was Patrick Henry Hennessee

  • Patricia Fortier

    Is your father Bill and your mother Naomi

  • Patricia Fortier

    I’m sorry, I mean were they your grandparents? They were my aunt and uncle.

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