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Save This House! A Beautiful 1903 Queen Anne in Sterling, Kansas

Save This House! A Beautiful 1903 Queen Anne in Sterling, Kansas

by Melanie Moore Krogman

Waiting for you in Sterling, KS is an absolutely lovely Victorian home dating to 1903, and designed after the governor’s mansion at the time. In fact, a hand-sculpted brass miniature of the home is in Coronado Quivira Museum, in Lyons, KS (how fun is that?!). The owners loved this home in small town Kansas, but no longer have the time to give it the care that it needs.

Repairs needing attention include exterior painting, replacing wood and stone on front porch, replacing ceiling in the music room, some water stains, updates to paint/wallpaper—and whatever your heart desires as the new owner! The good news? Not only is the house structurally sound, but the original woodwork, built-ins, stained glass, and chandeliers are in excellent condition. The dragon chandelier is my favorite!

128 W Main St, Sterling, KS

Asking Price: $158,500
4 beds, 2 baths, 3342 sq. ft.
ca. 1903
This Victorian home has character and charm that sets it apart. Built in 1903 and patterned after the governor’s mansion built the same time, it is rich in the original décor of the time. A hand sculpted brass miniature of the home is located in the Coronado Quivira Museum in Lyons, KS. The house needs some tender loving care which we are not able to give it anymore. Repairs needed include: Painting exterior, replacing wood and stone on front porch, replacing ceiling in music room and kitchen, some water stains on outer walls and ceiling, updates to paint and wallpaper, and remodeling to bathrooms and kitchen, etc. The bones are great but at 113 it is ready for a face lift. We would love to fix it ourselves but since we cannot we want to see it in the hands of someone who will love it as much as we do. This house may be eligible to apply for the Kansas Register of Historical Places. If so, it can apply for a Heritage Grant and rehabilitation tax credit. See for more info. To be eligible for these programs, the property must be listed in the National and/or state registers. Sterling Kansas is the picturesque small town where the classic movie “Picnic” was filmed, it is perfect for retiring or just escaping the city.
Full listing information available at Zillow, courtesy of the owner.
A hand-sculpted, brass miniature of the home in the Coronado Quivira Museum in Lyons, KS!
If you picture your old house dream in a quaint, quiet small town, rather than the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Then, don’t miss the opportunity to inquire about this outstanding Victorian dream home!
Born and raised in Iowa, Melanie’s mother and father both grew up on family farms where the old houses (mostly American Foursquares) were more often than not built by family and handed down to later generations. She remembers trips into town looking out the window of the back seat of the car admiring the Grand Victorian houses on the hills overlooking the river.
Melanie has a degree in Art Education from South Dakota State University. She has taught visual art and art history for 18 years. Besides teaching, she stays busy with her three kids, Kyle, Karlee and Caden along with the family dogs, Gus and Buddy. She can still be seen going through historical districts, but now she’s in the driver’s seat! She is super excited to contribute to CIRCA and hopes to help save some old houses!

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