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Access the world's greatest historic house marketplace

Welcome to the most glamorous collection of old houses this side of the sun.


We’re excited to feature your property on CIRCA! Before submitting a listing, please make sure that the property meets the following criteria:

1. The building must be for sale (not for rent)
2. The building must have been constructed before 1975

As long as those two criteria are met, you’re good to go! However, you’ll want to make sure you’ve collected the information below before you begin filling out the Submit Property form.

Please note: We reserve the right to reject any listing that does not fit the criteria stated at left. In that event, we will refund you the cost of listing. We also reserve the right to make editorial changes to all accepted listings. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information you submit to CIRCA is as accurate as possible. We do our best to fact check when possible, but CIRCA does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information in your listing or for the information in any other listings on the site.



You must upload a minimum of three photos (maximum ten). Photos should be at least 650 pixels wide and of landscape (horizontal) orientation.

Please make sure all photos are of excellent quality. Photos should be well-lit and crisp. Our job is to make your property look fantastic, so please do your best to help us out! We will be much more likely to feature your listing on the homepage banner, in the Magazine, or in Listings We Love if the photos provided are of a professional standard. We reserve the right to reject any photos that are too blurry or that do not showcase a property in its best light.

We reserve the right to use all photos submitted to CIRCA for our own marketing materials or publicity campaigns directly related to CIRCA. We will not sell any information to third parties without consent.

You must receive necessary copyright permission before submitting photos to CIRCA. We will retain and display copyright information when using the photos throughout our site.




Styles can be tough to figure out, so if you’re uncertain you might want to consult this fantastic article. If the house displays a mix of styles or if you simply have no idea what to call it, feel free to select “Eclectic” for the time being. You can always go back and change it later. You’re also welcome to email us and we can try to help you figure it out!



We value history, and so does our audience. Please provide as much historical information as you can about the property. Do you have a date of construction? Any information about the architectural style, or early residents? Is the geographical location of any historical significance? Please include as much detail as possible. Here again, we will be more likely to feature your listing if you provide enough information for us to get excited about it. We’ve been researching historic buildings long enough to know that sometimes even unassuming buildings can boast fascinating histories!




The fee to list is $45 for 90 days, payable by Paypal. Listing fees are non-refundable. In the event that the house sells in fewer than 90 days, you may elect to mark the house “sold.” You will be taken through the payment process after filling out the Submit Property Form.

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.