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Listing Guidelines

Listings submitted to Circa will appear for three months.

Before submitting a listing, please make sure that it meets the following criteria:

The building must be for sale (not for rent)
The building must have been constructed before 1965
The listing must contain at least one photo of the building
Please have the following information ready before listing:



You must upload at least one photo. Photos should be the following dimensions: XXX

Please make sure all photos are of excellent quality. Our job is to make your property look fantastic, so please do your best to help us out! We will be much more likely to feature your listing on the homepage, in the Gazette, or in Listings We Love if the photos provided are of a professional standard. Photos should be well-lit and crisp.

We reserve the right to reject any photos that are too blurry or that do not showcase a property in its best light.


Building Descriptions
We value history, and so does our audience. Please provide as much historic information as you can about the building. Do you have a date of construction? Any information about the architectural style, or early residents? Historic information about the geographical location? Please include as much detail as possible. Here again, we will be more likely to feature your listing if you provide enough information for us to get excited about it. We’ve been researching historic buildings long enough to know that sometimes even unassuming buildings can boast fascinating histories.

We reserve the right to make editorial changes to your listing.


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