House Crush: Littlebrook Farm

by Caroline Stephenson Bouckaert

Have you ever had romantic notions of living in a log home? Perhaps less “Little House on the Prairie” and more mini Adirondack camp set on the West Coast? Today CIRCA brings you the idyllic Littlebrook Farm! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its cultural importance in Spokane County, Washington, Littlebrook Farm includes a 3,650 sf hand-hewn log home on six acres flanking the Little Spokane River. Swooning yet? You’re in luck! It’s for sale on CIRCA! If these walls could talk, they’d have some wonderful stories to tell.

This tranquil property is laden with architectural as well as familial history. The seller, Deneice Hastings, is the granddaughter of the original owner, John Little. Mr. Little was an outdoor sports enthusiast and entrepreneur who owned a hardware and fishing supplies store in Spokane. How fitting an owner for such a dream outdoor retreat!
In 1936, Mr. Little purchased the property and hired a carpenter, Oliver Lajoie, to expand the standing cabin. Unemployed as a result of the Depression, Mr. Lajoie moved onto the property and over the course of nine years, handcrafted the log house with nary a nail or peg. In addition to the main structure, Mr. Lajoie carved the cabinetry, much of the furnishings and forged hardware.
Mr. Little sold the home in the 1960s when Ms. Hastings was a teenager (and sadly too young to purchase it herself!). Never able to let go of her fond childhood memories, Deneice asked the new owners to contact her first if they ever decided to sell. After the phone rang thirty years later, Ms. Hastings once again found herself at home at Littlebrook Farm.
Deneice and her family have lovingly restored the house and outbuildings to their original luster and complimented the historic character with modern conveniences. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom home retains its original oak plank flooring, log staircase and wainscoting, kitchen cabinetry and granite fireplaces. The Hastings restored the airy solarium and many windows and replaced the shingled roof.
The two-decade restoration effort has been an intense labor of love and the Hastings are eager to find a buyer who similarly appreciates the architecture, history and beauty of the setting. Really, though — what’s not to love?
For more information on Littlebrook Farm, check out the listing on CIRCA or the home’s own beautiful website, where you’ll find several photos of the home, its history, its restoration and media appearances!
Caroline’s love for everything “old” began with the 1928 house (old by Minneapolis standards!) in which she was raised. Eventually her interest in historic homes brought her to New York City where she completed a Masters in Historic Preservation at Columbia University with a concentration in Real Estate Development. Caroline is a serial real estate hunter and continues to search for that perfect urban gem or her upstate dream gentleman’s farm.

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