Fix Up the Hotel Berry in Velva, North Dakota!

by Amanda Davis

I really love the charm of old hotels so I was excited to stumble across this gem in Velva, North Dakota. The Hotel Berry was built in 1906 and is now a single-family home. Some home! Whether you’re looking to check in to your very own hotel home, run a bed & breakfast or operate a business, there’s lots of potential to be had right here. This fixer-upper – selling at $150,000 – features 25 bedrooms, 5 baths, and over 9,000 square feet!

The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which means I was able to track down the accompanying report to share some great history with you! With a sweet name like “Hotel Berry” I just knew it had to be good. Turns out it’s almost as old as Velva itself, having been built 13 years after the town was established on the Soo Line Railroad in 1893. The hotel’s name comes from its founder T. F. Berry, an early pioneer in the area.
I love the faded painted signs on this wall, one of which is a large ad for Owl Cigars! The hotel was closed in 1979 so I’m guessing the sign is at least over 35 years old. Any painted wall sign experts out want to take a guess?
Simply beautiful doors with leaded glass offers clues to this room’s history. If you were living in Velva in the first half of the 20th century, there apparently was no place better to dine than at the Hotel Berry. Closing in 1949, the dining room was “Velva’s finest restaurant and is remembered as the scene of Sunday dinners, special family occasions as well as a gathering place for coffee and conversation.” Can’t you just see that happening again here?
You can’t have a great old hotel without a great old safe! The Cary Safe Company operated between 1878 and 1929 so this safe has some history to it. Customers could have their business name painted at the top, and the Hotel Berry did just that. What an amazing piece to feature here!
Here’s a peek at some of the gorgeous molding to be found in the public rooms of the hotel.
And another peek at the pressed tin ceiling. These spaces really could be something!
The original curved wood reception desk and glass display case. Do you see the safe peeking out from behind the desk?
If you’re curious to learn more about the hotel’s history you can read all about it in the National Register report (warning: PDF!). And if you’re ready to own a piece of North Dakota history, click through here to see the full listing!
Amanda is an historic preservationist living in New York City with a particular fondness for fixer-uppers. She can be spotted checking out quirky historic details here, there, and everywhere in her handmade dresses. Every time Amanda sees a cozy room with large windows and beautiful built-ins she can’t help but imagine her very own sewing nook with oldies music playing in the background.

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2 thoughts on “Fix Up the Hotel Berry in Velva, North Dakota!”

  • CIRCAhouses

    Looks like it’s been sold — congratulations to the old house-lover in North Dakota who snagged this property!

  • Angie

    I don’t think it sold. I think it was taken off the market. It is uninhabitable without being brought to fire code..thus, there weren’t any interested buyers. Sad.

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