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Queen Anne with Residential and Commercial Potential

I'm passionate about preserving old houses because they're the physical remnants of long,...
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Let’s all put in $100 and save this thing, shall we?

Don't you hate it when you're looking all over for the perfect 56-room Neoclassical mansion...
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Let this Greek Revival with Mid Century Interiors Blow your Mind

The Captain Frederick Grisard Mansion is blowing my mind. It's an 1848 Greek Revival that is...
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This Painted Lady is a Candy-Colored Dream Come True!

I'm getting major Willy Wonka vibes from this expansive Queen Anne. The massive wraparound...
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You Should Move to Augusta, Georgia!

by Alix Adams (Photo of the Old Medical College of Georgia by Chip Bragg)   Welcome to "You...
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This Spectacular New York Home was Designed by the Esteemed Charles A. Platt — And I Want it!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   I live just north of New York City, so I'll admit that when it...
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This New York Estate is the Most Amazing Historical Home I've Ever Stepped Inside

  by Elizabeth Finkelstein Living in New York's Lower Hudson Valley, I'm surrounded by...
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Send Us Your Vintage Photos

I grew up in a Greek Revival home in upstate New York that my parents poured decades of love...
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15 Houses Under $50,000: May 2018 Edition

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Ever since I started writing this particular column several years...
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A Historic District on Fire: You Should Move to Danville, Virginia!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein. Photos courtesy of Friends of the Old West End.   Ok, Danville...
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If You Don't Buy This $44,960 House, I Will!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   Much as I love what I do for a living, it can sometimes wreck...
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15 Houses Under 50K: January 2018 Edition

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Just because I know that most of you have long lists of New Year's...
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