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Tracy’s skills have come together in the Real Estate field: master organizer, passion for quality communications, enjoyment of building and site design and connecting with people in the community. With over 25 years of property renovation experience including 5 major renovations on properties of various ages and historical significance, Tracy understands about building conservation and re-design, including live/work space. She understands the importance of neighborhoods, schools, and your investment. She presently lives in a 1918 Craftsman in Berkeley where she thoroughly enjoys making use of every square inch, gardening, and volunteering in the community. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Engineering Geoscience, and you will find her attention to detail very supportive. Her analytical background brings a critical eye for detail, market analysis and thoughtful negotiations. Finding beauty, creativity and insight is present throughout the transaction. Mission: To complete your real estate transaction with the utmost integrity, thoroughness, and obtaining your best outcome. My highest return is your happiness and satisfaction. Because I value the trust given to me by my clients and my colleagues, you can expect timely communications and quality work at all times. Success is not an entitlement but something I do to earn it everyday.

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