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About Nancy McGuire

Nancy McDonald McGuire, is first and foremost a preservationist, an “old house person.” Reared in an 18th century house, she lived the wonders of an historic property. As an adult she has enjoyed restoring houses and exploring the value of past architectural styles and building methods. She has always lived in an 18th c. building including currently in a rare (because it is frame) ca 1723 house. However, while pursuing a career in real estate, she discovered that old buildings “fell through the cracks” and were misunderstood.Their special value was not clear. The world of old houses continued to beckon and inspire. After serving as the historic site Director for Preservation Maryland at Waverly (c. 1740) she became more convinced than ever of the value of old buildings and so returned to the real estate profession dedicated to representing vintage architecture. Ms. McGuire believes that an historic property must be approached and presented uniquely. Maryland Heritage Properties’ mission is to represent historic buildings with the care and understanding these irreplaceable resources deserve. To successfully represent landmark architecture, a representative must be sensitive to the fabric of the building and able to discuss its features and history. The historic value of properties is emphasized by accurate descriptions, ads, brochures and with creatively presented tours. We pride ourselves in how well we understand and present our properties. Old-house owners and owners of properties of unique and classic style (including contemporary) regard their buildings with special affection and appreciation. Buyers of these buildings are discerning and informed. Effective marketing requires a presentation that is both sophisticated and engaging and creatively links a knowledgeable Buyer with an available old building. Listings in this specialized portfolio are normally at least seventy-five years old but some new buildings are so beautifully designed with grounds so well presented that they are immediately landmarks. A contemporary “glass” house comes to mind. Properties represented have ranged in value from $50,000 to $5,000,000.

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