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Nika’s love of Detroit was born at a young age when she would tag a long with her father into the city, gazing up at the tall buildings, running through warehouses and spending time on Belle Isle. Later in life her career would her to New York where she would refine and cultivate her interest in architecture, design and the arts. She made her way back to Detroit, and rediscovered her love for the city through the world of Real Estate. Within 5 years, Nika has grown her business rapidly, selling nearly $40 million in sales, ranking as one of Detroit’s top Real Estate Agents, and Top 1% of Realtors in the United States. In 2020 she obtained her Real Estate Brokers license, and formed Nika & Co, a Real Estate Brokerage in Eastern Market Detroit. She currently resides in a historic loft in Detroit with her husband Gjon, an Automotive Designer and former Abstract Painter.

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